Provan is the ideal B2B partner for supplying all your metal work.

Thanks to the right technology, the necessary know-how, and 17 years of experience in the metal industry, Provan has emerged as a trend-setting supplier, from sheet, tube and profile machining to partial and full assembly.

Our total solutions can be found in a wide variety of industries, including medical, automotive, agriculture, heating, machinery, ... Metal processing is our core business. By calling on Provan's total range of metalworking services, you get to benefit from cutting-edge technology without the need to invest.

In a nutshell, we complement your core business.

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We focus on total solutions and aim to maintain a long-term relationship with all our customers.

This allows us to engage with you and to invest in what is best for your business. We are committed to excellent customer relations, because we know that this offers a lot of benefits for everyone:

  • Working with mutual trust and clear understandings
  • Guaranteed quality, time and time again
  • Speed and flexibility
  • Sustained reliability of delivery
  • Cost savings and increased long-term revenues, thanks to PROVAN-QRM: Reduced TCO is guaranteed

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