Assembling at Provan

To offer customers a complete service, PROVAN has its own assembly department. Products can be fully finished and assembled here. We offer a range of choices:

  • Partial or full assembly of the metal components
  • Paint and other surface treatments
  • Packaging and labelling

Assembly, more benefits than you think

Also for our assembly we use the PROVAN-QRM methodology. By outsourcing your assembly to PROVAN, you avoid unnecessary delays and excess stock with all the accompanying risks. You can use the space gained as a production rather than a storage area.

With just-in-time delivery, we position ourselves as a vertical integration partner, offering you greater flexibility: we only deliver the required quantities when you need them.


  • Quick and flawless fitting and assembly truncates lead times. PROVAN's approach is based on the successful application of Quick Response Manufacturing. This approach focuses on time gains and keeping stock to a minimum, which is your best guarantee of better delivery times.
  • PROVAN is flexible in deploying people and resources. This enables us to deal with small batches and to effortlessly meet your varying demands.
  • A quick transport system and a smart organisation of the assembly line: these are the secret ingredients of our Quick Response Manufacturing approach. The advantages for you are that there is less room for error and that your product quality increases.
  • Do you want to deliver to your customer quickly? Then you need a reliable vendor. Delivery reliability is of paramount importance to us at PROVAN. We achieve this for our customers every day, thanks to a smart organisation of people and resources.
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